Sandy VanDyke Ada, MI 2017

I had some problem with my knee in the last week, it was swollen and inflamed. My doctor said I'd probably would have to have a cortisone shot for the inflammation. I tried the roller for inflammation and pain relief, I was able to sleep through the night without my knee aching and in pain. This product is amazing, I will continue to use it till my knee is back to normal..thank you Cinnamin. 

Sherry Hafey Grimm Lowell, MI 2016


I am so impressed with the Comfrey/Arnica Salve, I want everyone to know.

I have arthritis in my hip and don't want to take Ibuprofen all the time for it. When I use this salve, I wait a few minutes, and I'm back to my old self again, moving around just like I used to. Thanks so much for this product. I love it.

Dawn McMurray Hanlon Newaygo, MI 2017

I had surgery on my back and have 6 screws in my lower back. Can't keep on pain meds so I tried the Comfrey / Arnica Salve. And it helps so much I can enjoy life again. Thanks Cinnamin for showing me your all natural products. Love it. 

Mindy VanAlstine Hauppauge, NY 2014

 All-Natural Promises has been a great addition to my life.  I love the fact that everything is hand made with the best handpicked and home grown ingredients.  I have sensitive skin so these products have been perfect for me.  I have had issues with several different brands of laundry detergent out there but All-Natural Promises laundry detergent has worked great with my skin.  It smells amazing and gets my clothes cleaner than the other all natural detergents I have used in the past.  The deodorant is another product that has worked wonders with my sensitive skin.  It does not irritate or dry out my skin-again, the smell is great.  Another one of my favorites is the vanilla lip gloss.  There is not a gloss out there that can leave your lips feeling silky smooth like All-Natural Promises lip gloss.  I am a raving fan of these products and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a line of all natural products that work! 

Andy Piggott Saranac, MI 2013

 My name is Andy Piggott.  Cinnamin is my wife of almost 17 years and friend of 21 years. We bought our house together 17 years ago and Cinnamin immediately started growing a beautiful vegetable and herb garden.  She has been canning and preserving vegetables and fruits for our family filling our shelves for years’ worth of healthy foods.  Cinnamin has been providing homegrown and homemade products for our extended family and friends for years.  She has recently developed a line of all natural skin care and healing products.  Her dedication to constant research and perfection of her products is unmatched.  I am a Concrete Finisher by trade, so my body and skin are exposed to very extreme conditions.  Cinnamin's shampoos and soaps have been a godsend.  My body has never felt healthier or cleaner.  The soaps she makes have great exfoliating properties and leave my skin feeling clean and moisturized.  I feel very fortunate that I have her products at my disposal.  Through my trade, my body riddles with aches, pains, and the beginnings of arthritis.  I have been using Cinnamin's healing products to alleviate, and in most cases, eliminate my pain.  I am very proud of Cinnamin's dedication, and fully support her efforts to develop the best quality products possible.  I use her products on a daily basis and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for healthier living using the tools that Mother Nature has provided- which Cinnamin has perfected. 

Maggie Schwab Ionia, MI 2014


Cinnamin makes amazing products that I use daily! From soaps to dog biscuits for my little loves. I've tried a number of her all natural soaps, salves, lip balm, bath salts, shaving cream...to name a few..and I have yet to dislike a single thing. They all do their job. I have very sensitive skin and her products have been a god send. I will no longer try to find that "all natural" product in the store.   Let's talk about my dogs for a second. Im very wary of what I feed my dogs with all of the recalls out there. I'm always on the lookout for products for them that won't be harmful. I was so happy to learn she made treats! They are in LOVE with her all natural dog biscuits. They hear the bag and they come running and are always wanting more! Pure doggie magic! :) I have also gotten the pet soap because my little Shihtzu has seasonal dry skin problems..I can't wait to see how it works!

And I am just amazed at her level of business etiquette. She is the real deal. The whole package. Thank-You Cinnamin!!

Julie Bierstetel Westphalia, MI 2014

I am LOVING the calming oil for August. I've been using it for a week now and he is sleeping straight through the night. No more waking up for water or being fussy. I have a sleeping toddler and he has happy parents!  

Jennifer Reed Ionia, MI 2014

 Love everything! I'm stocking my cupboards with all the essentials. I want one of everything. :) Thanks for the awesome herbal tea today! I shared the tea and soap. It's amazing! 

Happy customer, Betty Deans Lowell, MI 2014

I've been very happy with the products that I have purchased from All-Natural Promises made by Cinnamin.  Some of my particular favorites are the Lavender Oil and her Elderberry Syrup.  After having foot surgery this past winter and extremely dry skin, the oil helped to rejuvenate my skin on my foot and leg.  There is hardly a scar left.  The Elderberry Syrup quickly suppressed the cold and cough I was getting.  It really did!  I certainly plan to continue using her products because they work. 

Jamie Apsey Sunfield, MI 2014

Loving all of my products from All Natural Promises. My favs are soothing/cooling lip balm and the lavender salve.Use them daily. 

Mickie Thelen Portland, MI 2015

Amazing products, love the homemade soap and the roll on oil for headaches. 

Jenny Bach Saranac, MI 2014

Products I purchased work great!! 

Dana Platte Westphalia, MI 2014

 We have used All-Natural Promises Dog Wash.  Not only does it take oils off from Zoey, it leaves her fur feeling soft.  For a Lab, this is an accomplishment with her rough water ready fur. Also, when Zoey goes out in the rain, she comes back smelling fresh.  I love this product!  

Wendy Morris Lowell, MI 2013


We at Canine Esthetics find that the Canine Anti-Itch shampoo is the most popular with our allergy patients.  The dog bone shaped healing bars have worked very well to heal hot spots.  Canine Esthetics uses only products made by All-Natural Promises in Saranac, MI. Thank you, Cinnamin, for working with our store to provide an alternative to traditional allergy treatments.

Brian Langlois Grand Rapids, MI 2013

 I have had problems with razor burn on my neck, but since using All-Natural Promises shaving cream, I haven't had any razor burn.  I also love the aftershave.  It smells great!  Absolutely no burn.